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Management Team

Part of UK2 Group is a key part of UK2 Group, a global group of web hosting and server brands, providing hosted solutions to individuals and businesses, with leading the cloud services infrastructure and products offered around the world.

Chief Executive Officer, UK2 Group

John Morris
  • 15 years general management experience in VC-backed / fast growing businesses
  • Former Director at Thomas Cook and

Chief Financial Officer, UK2 Group

Adam Kilgour
  • 17 years experience in the telecom and hosting industry
  • Former Director of Strategy at Cable and Wireless
  • Equity analyst covering telecoms sector at Commerzbank

Services Director, UK2 Group

Jeff Hunsaker
  • Services Director, focus of delivering outstanding client services
  • Former President/COO of the SCO Group
  • Held senior sales and marketing positions with Baan Inc., Novell Inc., Corel Corporation and WordPerfect Corporation