Website sneak preview

The sneak preview has arrived!

As promised on our facebook and twitter pages about a week ago, we were going to give you a sneak preview to the look and feel of our new website.  The objective is to make the site easier to read, add more information, add social media and add product information depth.  And when the site has launched you will see that we have done just that.

 So this is a snapshot of our home page.  I hope you like it as we have invested many man hours coming up with what we believe it just the right balance that represent everything that is Virtual Internet web hosting.  We are always interested in your feedback, so if you would like to leave some comments, please do so attached to this post.

So what else is happening at VI I hear you ask.  Well we are doing some exciting things with our product portfolio.  I really would like to be able to share this information with you, but unfortuntely I cannot.  But we will slowly leak information out leading up to the launch in January 2011.

All the best,
UK2 Marketing Team

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