China flexes virtualisation muscles in “Cloud Valley”

The battle between on-premise solutions and the power of cloud computing is heating up in China as Microsoft announces a new virtualisation partnership with a gigantic Chinese mobile operator and further news that the first cloud servers are rolling out of the Chinese version of Silicon valley called “Cloud Valley”.

Both of the above developments can be traced back to a conference in May where the Beijing municipal government put forward the renewed objective of building a global cloud computing center with advanced support and supply chains.

The result is the Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area (BDA) or “Cloud Valley” which is the only State-level development zone in Beijing.

Currently, over 3,700 domestic and overseas enterprises have set up operations in Cloud Valley with a combined investment of over US$24 billion and output value exceeding RMB 1 trillion.

According to Times of India, both India and China lead the region in terms of adoption plans, with 43 percent and 39 percent of organisations respectively planning to implement cloud computing. Organisations in Japan and Australia lead in cloud adoption, with 36 percent and 31 percent respectively already running a cloud-related initiative.

Cloud Valley rolls out first Chinese cloud server

The publication China Knowledge announced that China’s first cloud server recently rolled off the production line. This means that the State-run development zone has now completed the layout of the cloud computing industrial chain, which will allow it to attract other national and international players to the cloud industrial complex.

Their eventual goal is to become the epicenter of global cloud server production.

Microsoft cloud spreads to Asia

Microsoft and China Mobile Corp (which has more than 500 million mobile users) are betting that internet-based computing will be the future driver of growth of IT, not corporate servers.

As such they have signed a partnership deal on wireless devices, sales and development of new cloud-based services.

According to Business Week, by March 2011, 90% of Microsoft’s engineers will be working on cloud-related products.

Standards & Security concern China

Standards and security are the biggest pain points identified by major stakeholders in China’s emerging cloud infrastructure.

Standards encompass include technical and service standards that cover all kinds of issues relating to the planning and design, system construction, operation and quality assurance of public, private and mixed cloud.

According to Street Insider, besides large-scale system failure concerning computing resources, cloud computing security risks also include the lack of unified security standards, applicable laws and regulations, as well as privacy protection, data sovereignty and migration, transmission security and disaster backup issues.

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