Cloud Heavyweights light up virtualization arena in recent days

The enterprise cloud marketplace has been buzzing recently with some of the big players in the virtualized space announcing some nifty new features and signed contracts. (We would also like to remind customers to check out our new Xen Sandbox Servers and big-gun VMware Enterprise Clouds as we head into the New Year in 2011.)

Amazon kickstarts VMware import facility

Amazon has announced it has a new calling card called VM Import. The facility enables customers to import VMware virtual machine images to compute instances within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Clients can leverage their previous investments in building virtual machines that meet their IT security, configuration management, and compliance requirements, and decrease their deployment time on Amazon EC2.

This another prime example of how cloud computing is pushing the envelope in simplifying portability and migration options for companies wishing to move virtual machines from one server (or platform) to another with minimal fuss, hassle and at lower cost.

Note: Virtual Internet currently offers VMware Enterprise cloud servers to all customers in both the public and private virtual dedicated server hosting space. Consider starting off small on our new Xen Sandbox clouds and then rolling out the heavy guns with a VMware deployment later on in your systems or product lifecycle.

Azure features on London Underground

Meanwhile Microsoft Azure made some noise across the Atlantic in the UK where the London Underground relaunched its API using this flagship cloud product from the Redmond-based software giant.
The Underground decided to select Azure after it recently floundered under the weight of over 1 million API calls and called in Microsoft to help them out.

CloudSwitch moves up to version 2.0

Back in the United States, CloudSwitch, Inc. released version 2.0 of its software, which offers a downloadable software appliance that installs easily into VMware and Xen environments. It essentially connects data centers with cloud computing services and lets customers span internal and external clouds while at the same time addressing security and portability concerns.

Novell Cloud Manager gains momentum

Last year Novell signaled its intention to lead the marketplace for intelligent workload management especially in the cloud computing arena with its Cloud Manager. Novell claims its the only cloud solution in the market that enables companies to build private clouds using existing IT infrastructure, regardless of hardware, hypervisor or operating system.
At a recent Gartner Data Center conference it announced new enhancements to Cloud Manager including a new iPhone client for mobile access. Apparently there is also a beta underway on the iPad.

And staying with Novell…

Today Novell announced it has decided to join the Windows Azure Technology Technology Adoption Program to address cloud security challenges through the Novell® Cloud Security Service. The goal will be to deliver a consistent access, security and compliance management framework for applications hosted on Microsoft’s cloud application platform, Windows Azure.

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All the news announced above is further proof of the rising popularity of cloud platforms as new research and development helps push availability, security and ease-of-use to new levels. If you are interested in pursuing a Xen or VMware cloud service – both underpinned by 24/7 Vi-tal support – then contact our sales team here.

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