Fancy an iPhone4 for Xmas? It’s closer than you think!

The first five orders placed before Christmas will receive an iPhone 4 as part of the Virtual Internet Christmas giveaway. *

Don’t need or already have an iPhone? No problem, take advantage of our discount offer: 10% off any 24-month contract. All we ask is that we have your final signature on the contract before 25 December 2010 to complete your order. It’s that easy, but you need to act fast!How do I enter?
Glad you asked! Since one of the core principles of our industry-leading SLAs is “flexibility” we want to make sure entering our contest is just as easy, just as flexible.

You have three choices:

Phone us
Our sales team is on standby at 0844 704 8633.  They can help you indentify a suitable 2-year cloud or dedicated server plan.

Email us
Send your name and contact details to This will be the only method of communication with iPhone4 winners.

Chat to us

Hit the chat button on Virtual Internet website if your saving your voice for your new iPhone4. We don’t blame you!

Why are you giving away iPhone4s?
Well, because you deserve it! And, also because Smartphones are set to become the dominant form of Internet access by 2014 — even for applications and data stored in the cloud. It just seems right and timely!

What’s a cloud?
Don’t worry if you don’t know what a ‘cloud’ is – our engineers will be glad to explain all the cool new features of this exciting technology that’s transforming the face of the IT industry.

What else do I need to do?
Nothing really. Well, maybe read the terms and conditions. We had to say that, right?

Remember, our company is about people, not machines. We value your future business, which will be supported by our free trademarked VI-tal support package that operates around-the-clock, 24/7.

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