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The world of cloud databases may never be the same again


The traditional world of databases which house arcane customer records, inventory, your Facebook profiles and Google listings are being shook up by the increasing popularity of a new kind of data model called NoSQL. This disruptive technology scorns a world of structured data relationships and forces a change in the way computer programmers and database…

Elementary my dear Watson: A supercomputer will solve all our problems!


On May 26, 2008 IBM broke a mystical barrier that had existed in computer operations for over a decade: A sustained speed of 1 million billion calculations per second or what is known as “1 Petaflop.” The computer that performed this feat is called RoadRunner and it’s a beast costing over $133 million to build….

“Being Human” in cloud computing in the year 2020


In a recent Whitepaper, we highlighted that 80% of all computing will take place in the cloud by 2020 with most of these interactions originating from Smartphones and other wirelessly connected devices. One interesting device being tested by the Microsoft Research Cambridge group is something called a cloud mouse, which is finding new ways to…

Virtual Internet attains ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditations


Virtual Internet Exemplify World-class Business Standards with ISO 9001 & 27001 Certifications Virtual Internet (VI) – one of UK’s leading business web hosting providers – has shown customers worldwide their commitment to the highest quality management & information security management requirements by being awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, respectively. Renowned provider of…

Crush data center carbon emissions with virtual dedicated servers


In our last blog post we highlighted that some data centers are now exceeding 1 million square feet in size. These centers draw massive power and consequently contribute to elevated carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Some estimates reveal that there are now 15 million servers deployed by IT departments worldwide with more to come. The…

Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the world’s biggest data center of them all


You know, we are pretty proud of our 10,000 square foot data center in London but we of course realize there will always be another contender who’s gonna build a bigger playpen to house state-of-the-art cloud and colocated servers that form part of any world-class hosting platform. In World of Googles, Apples and Facebooks it…

The case for network “cloud” virtualisation

by Aaron Summers

The network along with the storage tier is often the Achilles heal of cloud computing especially in Infrastructure-as-a-Service. This is one reason why cloud message boards have been buzzing with the recent announcement that network giant Cisco has acquired LineSider Technologies, a poster child for network virtualisation services. Linesider is adept at making network devices…

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