Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the world’s biggest data center of them all

You know, we are pretty proud of our 10,000 square foot data center in London but we of course realize there will always be another contender who’s gonna build a bigger playpen to house state-of-the-art cloud and colocated servers that form part of any world-class hosting platform.

In World of Googles, Apples and Facebooks it pretty obvious that the prize for the world’s biggest data center will not reside in our corporate lobby despite the fact that our facilities boast some of the most sophisticated features in the UK with redundant power, air conditioning and multiple data carriers to ensure an ALWAYS UP environment.

What may surprise you is that neither Google, Apple nor Facebook can say they own they own the biggest data center in the world either. That makes us feel a lot better!

An annual top 10 list put together by the publication Data Center Knowledge gives the accolade to Lakeside Technology Center which features a whopping 1.1 million square foot multi-tenant hub owned by Digital Realty Trust.

The only problem is that their #1 selection above may actually be wrong. But, we will get to that part later in this here blog.

The Lakeside Center is based in Chicago, United States and includes four fiber vaults and three electric powers feeds, which supply about 100 megawatts of power. While not really a hosting facility it faces many of the same challenges we do including keeping the facility cool.

At Lakeside this system is supported by an 8.5 million gallon tank of refrigerated brine-like liquid. The conversion into thermal energy storage can reduce costs by running chillers during off-peak hours when power rates are lowers.

By the way, check out this YouTube video showing new advances in using liquid immersion cooling for servers.


After publishing their top 10 list, Data Center Knowledge were informed by a website visitor called Alex Kane that their list may be wrong.

“Just wanted to let you know that you missed the largest data center in the world, the @Tokyo data center in Tokyo, Japan. It’s over 1.5 million square feet; large enough to have it’s own train station (Shintoyosu station). It sits on a piece of land out in Tokyo Bay in the section of the city known as Odaiba,” said Kane.

According to the At-Tokyo site, security measures include “installation of biometric authentication systems used in nuclear power plants to control building access – @Tokyo does the utmost to provide a environment characterized by rigorous security.”

So there you have it – data centers are now moving beyond 1 million square feet in size. Mind-boggling.

If you are still kind of wondering what Google is up to we can put you out of your misery. They are busy rolling out a new hub in Hamina, Finland, which is slated to be a critical part of their future infrastructure.

“Eventually, we plan to employ approximately 50 people, ranging from Linux system administrators and experienced data center managers to security contractors and technology assistants. We’re confident this EUR200 million investment will be good for Hamina, Google and our Internet users,” said Google.

Google is big on Green IT. It\’s Finnish facility wil no doubt be no different.

You may have forgotten why a provider such as Google (or us) even needs a data center in the first place. Google is particularly good at explaining these things:

“All the indexing and processing that goes into answering your searches is done on computers in our data centers. It’s a big job, and we need lots of computers to do it, and lots of data centers to house those computers. The people who work in the data center keep the computers up and running throughout the day. They monitor, diagnose, fix, and replace all of the data center’s machines and systems as needed, so Google can provide fast and reliable services around the clock to our millions of users.”

In our case, all the shared, VPS, dedicated, colocated and cloud servers we have upgraded in 2010 all reside in our giant data centers, including London.

Just like Google its vital we keep our colocated boxes and Xen/ VMware servers running at peak performance. It is essential they never go down. They can never sleep and actually neither can we.

That’s why each and every single customized SLA we sell to you comes with FREE 24/7 round-the-clock VI-tal support which does not have an “off” button. See, were not so different from Google!

While we may not have the biggest data centers in the world, we have some of the best. We think that’s saying a lot.

Oh and by the way, one day in the distant future we may just decide to roll out a 3 million square foot facility. We hope that will be big enough for us to win the prize for the world’s biggest hosting data center!

This article was brought to you by VI.net, for dedicated server hosting, cloud servers and 24/7 support visit our site here www.vi.net

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