Virtual Internet issues ‘cloud’ warning to IT Managers

LONDON, England Feb. 3, 2011With cloud computing set to account for 80% of all computing provisioned through the Internet by 2020, Virtual Internet reports an explosion of interest in private and public cloud services in the first phase of 2011.

While Xen Sandbox Clouds and Enterprise VMware cloud servers are now regularly outselling traditional packages including colocation and dedicated servers, Virtual Internet has issued a strong warning to IT decision-makers researching UK cloud hosts: Experience Matters.

“IT managers need to seriously consider the implications of selecting a web host with little experience in the custom requirements of IT departments in the UK,” said Yana Kryuchkova, Marketing Manager, Virtual Internet.

“In recent weeks, some major overseas players have entered the UK market with misleading marketing which suggests they offer a new, better brand of cloud computing services.”

“In reality, they lag more mature providers such as Virtual Internet who hold the distinction of being the first web host to simultaneously offer VMware and Xen enterprise cloud servers in the UK.”

Virtual Internet rolled out Enterprise VMware servers as early as 2008 and augmented their cloud offerings with Xen Sandbox servers for testing and deployment in 2010.

“Our first-mover advantage has allowed us to carefully calibrate our cloud services with the custom requirements of our clients who immediately grasp the limitations of a cookie cutter approach to cloud hosting,” she said.

A recent report on web hosting by research firm Gartner cautioned that one leading UK web hosting provider’s sales and support quality had become inconsistent due to extremely rapid growth.

Further, while the provider appeared comfortable delivering specific formalised products it struggled with customised solutions.

This illustrates the challenges facing IT managers as they explore web host virtualization strategies encompassed by the cloud.

“It takes time to get this equation right. Experience matters. We have been fine-tuning our cloud strategy in the UK since 2008 making us a compelling choice for enterprise customers,” said Ms. Kryuchkova.

Virtual Internet strengthened its lead in the cloud-hosting arena by recently securing two official International ISO certifications: The ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

This is an addition to offering free, trademarked 24/7 VI-tal support, which underpins every single custom SLA they sell to an enterprise customer.

“Our 10,000 square foot in London is manned by VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) who offer round-the-clock support and help maintain a 100% uptime guarantee,” said Ms. Kryuchkova.

According to Virtual Internet, enterprise customers can save up to 50% on annual hosting costs by utilizing a virtual dedicated server.

“However, the ultimate success of this strategy depends on choosing a web host with the consummate experience and expertise in the UK market. Failure to do so will be costly and complex to correct.”


Since 1996 Virtual Internet has been a pioneer in the UK colocation and dedicated hosting market offering industry-leading SLAs and 100% network uptime guarantees.

It was also the first web host to deliver both Xen and VMware (private and public) cloud servers to the UK enterprise market.

Each hosting package they sell is augmented by free VI-tal support packages that have allowed it to build strong client bases in the finance, government, education, health, media and travel sectors.

In January 2011 they reached a new milestone by becoming an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified web host.

Yana Kryuchkova
Marketing Manager

Virtual Internet UK Ltd
4 Elysium Gate
126 – 128 New Kings Road

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7854 6600
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7854 6669
Email: yana.kryuchkova@vi.net
Web: www.vi.net

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