America, get ready for Virtual Internet “Cloud” Enterprise Hosting

Virtual Internet, The UK’s leading corporate hosting provider – the first to simultaneously roll out Xen OnApp and VMware cloud computing – today officially announced new enterprise cloud, colocation and managed hosting services for the U.S market that will “go-live” on May 1, 2011.

With U.S. headquarters in Providence, UT, Virtual Internet plans to offer “on-demand” private and public cloud computing at a fraction of traditional IT on-premise costs to the American business sector.

“This is an exciting moment for us – one we have planned for quite some time. As a mature cloud-hosting provider with complementary colocation and dedicated server options, we have mastered the complexity and challenges of delivering enterprise level services at affordable prices,” said Patrick McCarthy, Managing Director, Virtual Internet.

“Our state-of-the-art cloud technology and managed hosting services are backed by industry leading (custom) SLA’s that put the customer first. We invite tech savvy U.S. businesses to test-drive our world class VI-tal support that ‘never sleeps’ and operates around the clock, 365 days per year.”

Virtual Internet enters the U.S. arena with strong credentials including a 100% network uptime guarantee and the distinction of being voted the 2009 most reliable web-hosting platform in Great Britain.

Over the past year, it has also strengthened its growing reputation as one of the most stable, secure and forward-thinking hosts in Europe by winning ISO 9001 & 27001 accreditations respectively.

“Besides our pedigree in private and public cloud hosting we also offer fast, scalable and mature content delivery networks along with other highly popular services such as Microsoft Hosted Email Exchange which ranks as best-of-breed email cloud collaboration software,” said Przemyslaw Ceglowski, Operations Manager, Virtual Internet.

“Experience matters” has been the slogan adopted in Virtual Internet advertising campaigns across the European continent.

“The United States will be no different. While there is a staggering array of cloud hosting products visible on the commercial landscape there are really only a few who can compete in a consistent manner and grow accordingly along with its customer base. We are proud to be one of them,” said Mr. Ceglowski.

Virtual Internet stated recently that while many cloud providers appeared comfortable delivering specific formalized products they struggled with customized solutions.

“This illustrates the challenges facing IT managers as they explore web host virtualization strategies encompassed by the cloud. “

“It takes time to get this equation right. Experience matters. We have been fine-tuning our cloud strategy in the UK since 2008 making us a compelling choice for enterprise customers, especially in new markets such as the United States,” said Patrick McCarthy, Managing Director, Virtual Internet.

Virtual Internet is also preparing for the upcoming mobile Smartphone revolution by ensuring their cloud, colocation and managed servers can, in many instances, be accessed, controlled and monitored remotely via iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile applications.

Gartner Inc., reports that mobile phones are set to overtake PCs as the most dominant form of web access by 2013. This make it a complementary technology to the rising power of cloud computing and an important component of the Virtual Internet’s Data Center plans.

Virtual Internet intends to aggressively launch new products during its U.S. Summer campaign along with competitive pricing for a range of cloud, colocation and dedicated servers.

Since 1996 Virtual Internet has been a pioneer in the UK colocation and dedicated hosting market offering industry-leading SLAs and 100% network uptime guarantees.
It was also the first web host to deliver both Xen and VMware (private and public) cloud servers to the UK enterprise market.

Each hosting package they sell is augmented by free VI-tal support packages that have allowed it to build strong client bases in the finance, government, education, health, media and travel sectors.

In January 2011 they reached a new milestone by becoming an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified web host.

Virtual Internet entered the U.S. hosting market on May 1, 2011 with a broad range of cloud-based hosting, colocation and managed server options.

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