The advantages of an OnApp Xen VPS Cloud

While VMware private and public clouds offer powerful management tools to manipulate, configure, deploy and replicate your virtual machines, the OnApp VPS flavor is designed to get your testing and deployment environment up and running in record time

Here are five features of the OnApp Xen platform which highlight the some of the benefits of cloud computing.

OnApp Templates
Using a pre-configured OS template to build your virtual machine just makes sense. It saves you install time, smooth’s out configuration issues and will probably save you money in the long-run when factoring in maintenance on your traditional servers. Either provision new VMs from a library of existing templates or go ahead and create your own for future VM deployment.

CPU Resource allocation
The OnApp cloud has a wonderful method of allocating CPU priority on a server. It will never create virtual machines requiring more CPU resource than is available on the hypervisor. This is achieved by assigning each newly created VM a CPU priority and the necessary amount of CPU cores, also known as “shared percentage”. This means your cloud is always stable and working off all the available resources.

Smartphone access
At least for the iPhone anyway. Blackberry and Android users will have their day in the sun soon! The free iPhone app allows you to manage and monitor your remote virtual machines including traffic, creating and killing VMs, rebooting them, adding IPs and managing backups.

The power of integration
Another awesome feature of the OnApp VPS is the ability to allow hosting provider’s ways to integrate via APIs with leading billing applications including Ubersmith, WHMCS and HostBill. This allows full automation of the billing process including a centralized billing control panel for all VPS clients.

Cloud management
It’s not just billing, as mentioned above, which is simple to manage from online control panels. Point and click to deploy virtual resources, manage users, add servers and SANS. OnApp takes care of all the heavy lifting, including cloud resource management and server management. This means you get to focus on your business processes and not get tied down by daily technical minutiae.

In conclusion, the OnApp VPS cloud offers some powerful, flexible cost-effective ways to quickly launch your business into cloud computing.

By the way, we recent blogged about how the UK’s Hillingdon Council consolidated 180 servers into just five using VMware as the basis of the private cloud. This case study will again be examined at an upcoming IDC conference in London on May 24, 2011. Roger Bearpark, Assistant head of ICT, Hillingdon Council will discuss their virtualization strategy.

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