VMware case study highlights server consolidation and cost-savings

A recent VMware case study on the Hillingdon Council in charge of a large western borough in Greater London, revealed that between 2005 and 2008 the organization managed to reduce the physical server estate from 180 servers to just five. The council provides over 700 services to its citizens.

The result is what it calls a private cloud with pooled resources within an responsive, elastic Infrastructure-as-a-Service. They cut energy costs by £93,000 and carbon emissions by 171 tons.

“This means our energy usage has decreased by an impressive 65 percent compared to five years ago,” said the Council.

The lynchpin for this successful deployment has been vSphere, which allows the Council to deploy new services at lightening speed. Within five minutes a new virtual machine can be provisioned with a new service.

One example of this increased agility relates to a four-day turnaround in deploying an adult social care database. In the days before VMware this would have taken seven months.

It has also tightened up security by leveraging vShield Edge and vShield app to segment data into separate virtual environments allowing PCI data to be confined to specific PCI-complaint Virtual Machines that reside on hardened physical hosts within the cluster. Using VMware’s High Availability to reduce outages has also minimized downtime.

The Council has been working on a project to share services with three other councils that also have their infrastructure virtualized using VMware.

“Moving government services to the cloud makes perfect sense; it assists with capacity management during peak periods, avoids duplication, increases security and stability of the system and most of all could save billions in IT costs.”

Virtual Internet currently offers ways for an enterprise to deploy a private cloud in the VI data centers using Vsphere. More information can be found here.

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