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E-commerce surges in the United States


The recent launch of Virtual Internet in the United States, offers a moment to pause and consider activity in the U.S. online e-commerce sector. This is one arena that is perfectly suited for cloud computing, allowing enterprises to quickly scale up or down during seasonal spikes in activity. According to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke,…

PCI Security Standards Council finally clarifies security in the cloud


Back in March we published a post about how pci compliance standards are reshaping security in the cloud. The big question mark was how the Standard’s Council would define guidelines around virtualization via its special interest group, which was pondering the problem. On June 14, they finally published an outline, which will influence security in…

Virtual Internet launches its Private and Public Cloud Hosting solutions in the US market


Cloud Hosting by Virtual Internet will prompt US businesses to realize the answer lies in the cloud. Virtual Internet (VI), a major UK provider of business hosting solutions, is officially launching their flagship cloud-hosting product . With recently upgraded VMwaretm cloud servers increasingly outselling conventional hosting solutions, VI’s business-class cloud solutions deliver reliability, cost savings,…

Hardware-assisted virtualization enters phase 2.0 within cloud arena


Intel is incorporating hardware-assisted virtualization technology that goes beyond the server consolidation phase typified by groundbreaking software released by VMware in 1999 and others that came later such as Onapp Xen and Linux KVM. They call this phase Virtualization 2.0 representing fundamental advances in how cloud data centers deal with load balancing, high availability and…

Are you hip to Virtualisation and the Cloud?


Check out these fun, introductory videos which illustrate the evolution of virtualisation software and its use in the cloud computing business and operating model. Virtualisation is the software underlying on-demand cloud services, allowing enterprises to consolidate several servers into one. By the year 2020, 80% of all computing is expected to take place within the…

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