Ahh, the joys of short-interval backups for dedicated servers!

We are currently offering a wonderful server backup tool from R1Soft for United States’ customers selecting our Dedicated Server options.

Geared towards both Windows and Linux servers, the product we are recommending is called CDP or Continuous Data Protection for high performance back-ups at ANY interval with MINIMAL impact to server (or disk) performance.

Ok, it’s true there is no such thing as a cosmic free lunch but this product comes pretty close!

It’s built on a concept known as asynchronous replication (and a product feature called an ‘initial replica’) to save only the changes to the database. These can be set to any frequency since the technology works at the block level with hard disk sectors.

Thus, if you change a few bytes of a 100 GB file only a small sector is read from disk during the backup. Both the ‘what’ and ‘when’ changes are tracked in the background on your server with zero overheads, using the least amount of disk resources.

This means you can move towards shorter time intervals between backups to maximize the safety of your stored data.

The really cool thing about CDP is it allows full baremetal restores. You can actually restore an entire server to its former state without having to re-install the OS.

Check out this video to see how you can use CDP to fully protect your dedicated servers via this managed backup system!

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