vCloud connector bridges gap between private and public clouds

Hybridly speaking, I think you should take a look at this…

If you have been running a private or public cloud, or merely considering this direction, one thing on your mind may be how to bridge the gap between the two in the form of a hybrid cloud.

This communication channel between a private and public cloud prompted VMware to spend several months developing a “plug-in” called vCloud Connector which it launched with much fanfare in February of 2011.

VMware reported that beta testers excitedly overdosed on one particular function: The ability to transfer virtual machines from a private cloud to a public cloud (and vice versa).

The vCloud Connector is designed to make hybrid cloud management easy. Straight off the bat it allows admins to get a single view of all virtual machines running in a cloud environment, including hybrid scenarios.

Consider this scenario from VMware:

Take a private cloud example where vApp 1 is running on vCloud Director in Datacenter A, and you’d like to run a second copy in Datacenter B. Transfer the entire vApp with vCloud Connector to your vCloud in Datacenter B. Now imagine Datacenter B is actually a virtual data center provided by a vCloud service provider like Bluelock, Colt or Verizon. It’s all the same – it just works. If you haven’t gotten your own private cloud running yet, you can still manage and transfer VMs between your vSphere infrastructure and an external vCloud service. vCloud Director is not required inside your datacenter for vCloud Connector to work.

One cool thing about this plug-in is that it’s offered for free. Check out this gritty demo by VMware at the recent Mobile World Congress to get your feet wet.

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