Smartphone web usage in United States is now a runaway train

We cannot stress this enough: If you do not yet have a mobile version of your website up and running your going to lose business.

Our old friend Google is releasing a steady stream of data, which emphasizes the rapid march towards Smartphone web access, which is set to overhaul laptops and desktops by 2015.

According to Google, 79% of American’s use Smartphones while shopping. 70% of them use their phones while in a physical store.

Finding local information is the dominant form of use including finding movies or a local business.

71% search the web using their phone due to a visible mobile ad. But, 79% of advertisers don’t have a mobile optimized site. This is incredible considering the fact that by the end of 2011 over 50% of Americans will have a Smartphone.

Google reports that a recent study found that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing from their phone. 40% of these users will probably end up on your competitor’s site.

As a result, Google has been aggressively pursuing advertisers to focus on mobile. This includes Adidas who achieved a 28% increase in clickthroughs (over past mobile campaigns) for a coupon-based phone offering which allowed customers to get 15% off purchases made in a store of $75 or more.

This effectively doubled in-store coupon redemption and increased the average in-store order value.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports that Google maps usage on mobile spikes by 50% on the weekends.

Elsewhere, the highly competitive auto industry is redefining its mobile strategy after Google reported that during the recent Gridiron Super Bowl, a Chrysler commercial spiked mobile searches by nearly 102%.

Consumers are now utilizing apps such as Android to Voice Search to compare different makes and models online.

Google is now unifying its traditional Adwords platform with the feature-rich service, AdMob, it acquired in 2009, to further entice car makers into the mobile fold.

A Volvo cross-platform campaign saw CTRs of 3.91%. After the campaign; users expressed a 240% increase in brand favourability, 88% increase in purchase intent, and a 78% increase in recommendation intent.

Finally, don’t forget that Smartphones are being incorporated into new cloud enterprise packages such as VMware which Virtual Internet offers. Last year we ran a story about how LG had partnered with VMware to offer a virtualized mobile desktop which allowed employees to use their work LG Optimus 3D Smartphone to access either personal or business work profiles.

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