The rise and fall of hosting search term activity

It’s interesting to note breaking trends in keyword activity for some of our principle hosting packages including colocated servers, dedicated servers, managed servers and of course, cloud hosting, which looks set to dominate the IT industry over the next several years.

Google insights continues to show the massive relevance of keyword searches based around colocation packages. While notably in decline, the large peaks and troughs shows just how much activity there is worldwide in this arena.

At the time of writing, regional interest in Colocation searches were spiking in France. Notice two African countries, Morocco and Algeria appearing in the top 10. And, the United States making an appearance at #10.

No surprise that worldwide cloud hosting is the only hosting package trending upwards, although there also signs that dedicated server search activity is holding steady and may be set for a surge sometime in 2012, although this may only come in the form of seasonal spikes as IT departments upgrade legacy software and resources.

Managed server activity shows the lowest heart beat but the way the IT industry is rapidly introducing new mixtures of private, public and hybrid hosting solutions, especially in the cloud, suggests that this may be a dark horse that should be watched.

Meanwhile, if we narrow down search term interest to just the United Kingdom, we see an interesting convergence in the bottom 1/3 of the chart with cloud hosting peaking to meet the declining graphs represented by colocation and dedicated servers

This looks like a similar situation in the United States, although by looking at the chart, it does appear that while cloud is in the ascendancy the other sectors look like they have leveled out and are still drawing a large amount of interest from IT departments investigating remote hosting services.

If your interested in one of the products mentioned above, Virtual Internet can provide business insights into how you can leverage managed, dedicated, colocated and cloud hosting packages in your organization to drive costs and push up productivity.

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