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Google Patents hints at new cloud computing inventions

Google patents offers fascinating insights into coming inventions for cloud computing. Here are five patents we uncovered that may influence cloud services in the future, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.


The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute has submitted an application describing a mobile terminal connected to a cloud service that delivers a cloud app to the phone and toggles services based on the way the user has set up his local phone environment and OS.

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This patent application by Microsoft describes systems, methods, and computer storage media for geographically organizing the storage of data and hosted services in a distributed computing environment.

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We could call this war games in the cloud. This patent describes a method of processing data to survive an EMP attack “wherein a sub-plurality of said geographically distributed distal select content data stores are operated in a cloud computing configuration.”

The system further processes data to geographically distribute the data with data processes including: copy, extract, archive, distribute, and a copy-extract-archive and distribute process with a sequential and supplemental data destruction process

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Since we offer VMware as both private and public clouds, we could not resist highlighting this patent, which describes systems and methods for backing up applications executing on a virtual machine (VM). Three individuals put this one together and summarize it this way:

The method comprises submitting a first notification to a remote computing system to prepare an application running on a virtual machine for backup, such that application data consistency is maintained during the backup process; receiving a second notification from the remote computing system, indicating that the application is prepared for backup; creating a snapshot of the virtual machine in response to the second notification; and receiving application data from the computing system to process the snapshot and complete an application-specific backup for the virtual machine.

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This patent submitted by the University of Washington uses Linux and Xen Cloud virtual machines to create a trusted software layer on which the web browsers execute. The virtualization layer allows publishers to exercise damage control cutting out 87% of traditional vulnerabilities present in conventional web browser environments.

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