Making the Most of Cloud Computing, Starting with IaaS

As the term “cloud computing” continues to build momentum with the likes of Apple and Dropbox bringing cloud to the masses, it seems that along with the hype there comes confusion around the true definition of the term.

We’re all familiar with the reality that cloud computing can deliver huge benefits in terms of employee efficiency and connectivity, cost savings and flexibility in terms of scale, but what really is cloud? And where does virtualization come into play?

Understanding the fundamentals is the first step to establishing a successful cloud strategy for your business. That’s why we’ve put together a new white paper called “IT Pro’s Survival Guide to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)”.

IaaS is the foundation on which cloud computing is built and therefore it’s vital to understand its workings. So, without further adieu, please download this paper that aims to help you make sense of cloud’s most essential layer.

The paper will address:

  • why IaaS is the core foundation of the cloud and also its most powerful layer
  • how virtualization technology can deliver long-term cost savings for hosting customers
  • the cost implications of not using an IaaS provider
  • key questions to address when choosing an IaaS provider

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