You are buying! Server market surges 8% in 2011!

It looks like you want servers, and lots of them!

According to a recent Gartner Inc, research report, the overall server market in the first quarter of 2011 reveals that worldwide server shipments grew 8.5 percent year-on-year, while revenue increased 17.3 percent.

High-end non-x86 systems are fueling the growth dominated by HP and IBM. Specifically, eWeek reports that Unix servers and IBM’s System Z mainframe are two big contributors.

This is good news if one considers the massive downturn in the market during the 2009/2010 season. This means that many you (IT decision-makers) have begun refreshing your server complements, especially in the Unix-specific division. Virtual Internet also reports a surge in demand during the period across all its divisions, including colocation, dedicated servers and renewed interest in private and public cloud servers. Managed hosting is also one VI service that is showing growth, as IT heads turn to hosting companies to help them navigate increasingly complex operational battlegrounds.

Gartner Server Growth

The IDC report s that nearly 2 million servers were shipped making it the second highest first-quarter ever reported.

As eWeek put it,”heterogeneous systems remain critically important to customers addressing a wide range of workload needs in their data centers.”

A Gartner press release also showed how regionally things look, including this (surprising?) statistic relating to Eastern Europe:

“Eastern Europe grew the most significantly in shipments with a 21.1 percent increase. Eastern Europe also posted the highest vendor revenue growth at 36.0 percent for the period.”

Gartner said that of the top five vendors in server shipments worldwide, HP and IBM posted year-on-year increases in units for the first quarter.

In terms of server form factors, x86 blade servers rose 6.1 percent in shipments and 24.6 percent in revenue for the quarter, to produce the highest revenue growth by form factor. The rack-optimized form factor had the highest shipment growth at 11.2 percent and climbed 19.6 percent in revenue for the first quarter.

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