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How a hybrid cloud could have saved

Women who love fashion love Missoni. But, not everyone can afford this exclusive line, which for instance, includes a scarf that retails at Harrod’s for £250.00.

That’s why when, the United State’s second largest retailer announced a bold design partnership with Missoni, women flocked in droves, both offline and online, to grab discounts for things like cardigans, ballet flats and even espresso cups.

Within a few hours of opening at 8.a.m. on September 13th, was sold out. Even worse, their newly designed website CRASHED. may well have benefited from a Hybrid Cloud. By combining the traditional power of a dedicated server with the unlimited scaling presented by public and private cloud consumption, you can effectively manage these seasonal spikes in activity.

Just a take a look at the following chart, which illustrates why may have missed a valuable opportunity to demonstrate its IT agility.

Review chart in Google Trends

In one go, its magic partnership with Missoni propelled it past its massive rival This is a fantastic achievement, especially if you consider it only ranks 22 among the leading Internet Retailers.

But, unfortunately only 7% of visit attempts made it through to Target’s home page all day with the base page taking over 30 seconds to come back to the browser.

This means many buyers probably migrated over to Walmart’s online store in the ensuing madness. Don’t forget E-Bay, where more than 41,800 Missoni Target items were up for sale.

While the surge was probably unexpected, a hybrid cloud would have offered a robust way to both test future spike scenarios and allow the popular retailer to rapidly scale up resources, ON-DEMAND. Further, once the surge subsided as demonstrated in the chart above, Target could have easily scaled back down.

This ability to customize your IT resources towards unexpected events at affordable prices is what is making cloud computing so attractive to our enterprise customers.

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