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60% of SMBs will adopt a IaaS cloud in 12 months. But why?

If you are still on the fence regarding cloud computing, including private, public and hybrid clouds, it’s worth quickly summarizing why cloud hosting providers are forcing IT managers to reconsider their on-premise solutions.

The new virtualization technologies encompassed by Xen OnApp and VMware allow a hosting provider like Virtual Internet to leverage Virtual Machines (and automation technologies) to lower costs and allow features such a temporary cloud bursting to handle seasonal spikes in activity.

Further, if you are a SMB, you may not be able to afford the expense in time and cash to build test labs to handle low-risk workloads. Instead, you can deploy a low-cost virtual machine in minutes through a cloud hosting provider to quickly stress test your application.

Finally, cloud based backup and disaster recovery services allow replication of physical and virtual servers to a service provider’s multi-tenant environment, which consists of virtual servers and shared storage.

“With these services, systems can be recovered in hours – with just a few minutes to a few hours of data loss, but without the cost of dedicated IT infrastructure; storage-based replication; and high-bandwidth, low-latency network connectivity between a datacenter and the service provider,” said Onapp, the suppliers of Virtual Internet’s Xen cloud software.

This represents a new capability for many SMBs. For larger enterprises, this also represents a simple, effective way to cut costs.

The net result for both SMBs and larger enterprises is speed and flexibility at a lower cost.

If you take all of the above into account, it may come as no surprise that OnApp reports that a recent survey indicates that 60% of SMBs will adopt a IaaS solution in the next 12 months.

Here is an architectural breakdown of our Xen OnApp Private Cloud Servers:

Take special note of the virtual machines (VMs) in the diagram above which drive the cloud computing operating model.

Our OnApp VMs enable multiple flavors or 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux virtual machines to be hosted simultaneously. VMs have their own root accounts which can be controlled, configured and managed by their owners, and can be deployed in seconds using OnApp VM templates.

This illustrates why we label our cloud services as affordable, flexible and powerful!

By the way, you can read further about IaaS clouds in our recent white paper on the subject.

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