CDN is superfast. Google loves this.

Impatience is a virtue: Why Google loves an instant CDN

“One of the many signals our algorithms use to determine crawl rate is the server response rate as perceived by our Googlebot,” ~ Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. *

The above makes absolute sense: If your site content does not load quickly you will lose customers to competitor sites. A recent blog post on the website crash illustrates this point.

Further, the recent release of Google Instant Search which returns page results by up to 5 seconds quicker, illustrates how important this feature is to the worlds top search engine.

Speed affects your search engine ranking

If your site is slow, Google’s famous algorithm will  most likely penalize you by returning your site lower in search engine results.

And, if you cannot deal with seasonal spikes in activity you are not only going to lose SEO rankings on Google, you are also going to lose customers.

As we move into the video age typified by delivery platforms such as YouTube (Google owned), Vimeo  Netflix and HBO you can see why SLOW loading times, or even worse, 404 error pages,  will not be tolerated by nimble website visitors who crave SPEED.

Video delivery platforms choose CDNs

In fact, both Netflix and HBO have in the last several months confirmed this point by turning to Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to speed up access to online video from both a desktop and a mobile phone. Their previous platforms did not measure up on the worldwide web autobahn.

The provider they chose to do this is the same one Virtual Internet offers you: Level 3 CDN.

And, it’s easy to see why this service could save them (and you) from losing customers as we approach the holiday season and Christmas period.

In 1999 users were prepared to wait 8 seconds for a page to load; in 2011 this wait time is now 2 seconds.   In 1999 web pages only weighed 14kb in size and contained only a few multimedia objects.

Today the average page weighs over 500kb and represents a dazzling array of JavaScript, Ajax, Images, CSS, Video and database-backends.

Additionally, the distance between a visitor and the web server they are accessing makes a difference too.  A U.K. customer accessing a 500kb web page on a web server in the United States traditionally suffers from a lower latency and bandwidth speed.

Thus, it’s not only your website visitor who gets upset when the page loads slowly; so does Google. Neither cares about your technical limitations or web server problems. They want results. Instantly!

You therefore have about 3 seconds to present your home page, video and e-commerce products to your customers. Anything more than that and game over. Instantly.

Level 3 CDN speeds up delivery by 70%

The Level 3 CDN attacks this speed issue by providing four solutions. They are simple, effective and easy to understand:

  • CDN provides a faster network
  • Content is moved closer to the customer, no matter what location
  • The technology shrinks the size and weight of a web page
  • It anticipates what page or product the user will click upon.

CDN featuresClick here to see Video

The end result is that your home page will be up to 70% faster than it was before.

Further it also has some other compelling features including the ability to add in additional security between the user and the page he is trying to access.

Oh, and if you think this sounds like a technical nightmare to implement your completely wrong.  The CDN can be activated in minutes without worrying about the underlying technology.   This is a key characteristic of cloud computing in general.

It is simply a matter of deciding how much extra space you require and the budget you are comfortable with.

Review this page to visually adjust your space and cost with regards to a future CDN.

CDN = Higher SEO

The other great thing about our partnership with Level 3 is the continuous improvements they add to the underlying technology to help boost your search engine ranking. This is ongoing.

For instance, they recently teamed up with a company called StrangeLoop to improve one area that affects speed: site code.

In a nutshell, the relationship allows Level 3 to optimize a website, through various automation techniques which translates into faster speeds and higher Google rankings.

“In recent years, there have been a number of studies showing that even incremental changes in page speed can have a dramatic effect on revenues, customer satisfaction and SEO ranking. We’ve seen this played out with companies who have used our product and, as a result, have increased sales by 13 percent and grown their organic search traffic by 10 percent,” said StrangeLoop President Joshua Bixby.

Google recently stated on their blog: “Because the cost of slower performance increases over time and persists, we encourage site designers to think twice about adding a feature that hurts performance if the benefit of the feature is unproven

But, before your marketing department throws up their arms in dismay at the thought of curtailing future rich media landing pages you can remedy this statement right now by employing a Level 3 CDN which is a proven SEO-friendly product.

Who will benefit from a CDN?

If you are one or more of the following, you will find a CDN offers instant value:

  • E-Retailers: If you plan to sell products online during the Xmas season then a CDN is for you.
  • High-impact CMS websites: If you offer a dynamic website with database-backends including popular CMS’s such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress, then a CDN is for you.
  • Video-centric sites: If you are a  video publisher or forward thinking organization that uses video to highlight product launches or convey a number of specific company messages then a CDN is for you.
  • Application Service Providers: If you are offering dynamic applications (and content) that needs to work seamlessly (and fast) on mobile, tablets and desktops, then CDN is for you
  • Overseas-based website: If your hosting provider is based in another country, then a CDN is for you.  CDN networks are available across North America, Europe, Asia and even Mainland China.
  • Everyone else: If you are a website owner who simply wishes to make your site faster and match the speeds offered by Google Instant, then CDN is for you. In this case, impatience is a virtue!

The future is fast. CDN fast. But you do not need to be left behind, either by losing search engine rankings on Google, or by losing customers to a rival site because the page did not load in under 3 seconds.

Contact your hosting provider to implement a Level 3 Content Delivery Network and match the same speeds that Google offers its search customers. INSTANTLY.

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