Bossa Studios Smashes up the Social Gaming Scene with Monstermind Powered by VI’s CDN

At VI, we delight in our customers’ achievements, and we’re immensely proud when we can play a little role in helping them realize their online goals. So we are thrilled to share with you the beta release of Bossa Studios’ highly anticipated social game, Monstermind.

Bossa Studios' Monstermind

Bossa Studios selected Virtual Internet to deliver industry-leading content delivery network backed by Virtual Internet’s VI-tal support. CDN provides caching and downloading services and with recent POP additions in the Middle East and the Far East, and POP’s in South America arriving this year, VI’s network is the number one choice for global content delivery.

Henrique Olifers, Gamer-in-Chief at Bossa is excited with the game’s successful release and the future prospects of expansion: “Social games are a massive phenomenon, undeterred by geography or borders. As such, we need to make our game and its assets available around the globe, with the best possible performance, something we could only achieve with the help of CDN technology. Virtual Internet has been a key partner to meet this objective thanks to their competitive pricing and sound platform.”

Monstermind lets you build your own town (mine is called Brittwood) with fast food restaurants, trailer parks, flower beds and suburban homes. Then, you can buy yourself some monsters and wander over to your friends painstakingly constructed patch of metropolis and smash it to pieces.

At VI HQ we’ve been tormenting each other with monster attacks at every lunch time.

You can read VI’s press release on our CDN solution for Monstermind, and be sure to go try out the beta release of Monstermind at apps.facebook.com/monstermind, we’re convinced you’ll be as addicted to Monstermind as we are.

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