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There is nothing like a rivalry to spice things up and bring value to consumers and enterprises.

And, one that is worth watching is the ongoing battle between Microsoft Exchange and Google Gmail as they use two different philosophies to win market share.

The Case For Gmail

The Telegraph recently reported that Google’s Gmail is now finally in a position to challenge Microsoft after five years of development and market acquisition.

“Cloud-based email is claimed to be more secure and easier to access remotely than traditional email, which is typically run through a server owned and stored at a company’s premises,” said the Telegraph.

It is worth pointing out that even though Google has done well it only represents about 4% of the total enterprise email market. By 2020, this is expected to reach 50%.

The Case for Exchange

For years, Microsoft has dominated enterprise email management space designed to deliver plutonium-grade security and reliability. Specific features include built in anti-virus and anti-spam filters to protect your information.

Meanwhile Microsoft is not without its own cloud artillery including Office 365, which it launched recently. Many believe Microsoft held back releasing this cloud suite until Google had closed the gap. It’s being forced to push out cloud versions of all its products, due to the increasing economies of scale offered by cloud computing.

The Case for Virtual Internet

The problem with both solutions mentioned above is the trade-offs involved with either pushing your data into Google hands or handling the complexity in-house yourself through onsite exchange server. Office 365 is still in its infancy and will display a number of growing pains, as did Gmail several years ago.

But, there is another blended option, which allows you to deploy an online business office remotely in a secure, reliable network: Virtual Internet hosted exchange.

This fully hosted email infrastructure taps all the functionality of Microsoft Exchange Server to deploy Outlook email, calendaring, contacts and tasks as well as mobile messaging alongside more advanced collaborative features such as cross-calendaring and task management. Plus, live VI-tal phone support is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Data is hosted in geographically distributed datacenters with continuous data backup and premiere disaster recovery capabilities.

A team of Vi security experts monitors Exchange Online around the clock and updates anti-virus and spam filters to address new threats as soon as they appear. Automatic patching eliminates the time and effort of maintaining and servicing your email system. An easy-to-use Web interface lets you manage your online environment from anywhere.

Supercharge your online office with SharePoint

Take things one step further and deploy a remote Sharepoint Server. Virtual Internet’s online portal allows you to easily share documents, files, images and other collaboration tools. It’s designed to help your team work better together by cutting down on endless email threads and instead sharing assets in a collaborative environment. Leverage online dashboards to analyze data and take action.

The online office showdown

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google will benefit businesses across the board as we approach the high point of cloud computing in 2020. New features will be released and security will be improved. Expect to see Virtual Internet add additional online office tools to its suite of services in the next 12 month as these two titans battle it out.

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