New broadband networks accelerate managed hosting demand

Managed hosting in the UK and US is becoming more attractive to IT managers as connection reliability (and speeds) improves between corporate enterprises and remote web hosting data centers.

By 2015, the UK hopes to achieve its goal of being the best and fastest broadband network in Europe.

“Super-fast broadband is key to driving the growth of digital industries, especially in rural Britain, and has been identified as one of the Government’s priorities for investment,” said The Telegraph a few days ago.

British Telecom is aiming to triple UK broadband speeds by spring of next year.

And, in the United States telecommunication unions are pushing the government to help accelerate the introduction of high-speed fiber optic cables, which provide connections between mobile towers and networks.

Internally, web-hosting companies are further leveraging this speed by enhancing their server infrastructure which drives cloud computing and other managed services around dedicated servers.

“Web hosting companies are able to buy servers that are more powerful and use less power than servers they brought a year and a half ago,” said James Breen, a leading communications analyst. He is also ranked as the number two stock picker for 2010 in Internet/computer services by the Wall Street’s Journal “Best on the Street” listing.

These cost savings are passed back to businesses in the form of enhanced services, decreased complexity and the ability to share computing power on a remote web hosting platform.

The continued build out of fiber, he said, from the AT & Ts to Verizon (and web hosting companies like Virtual Internet) is making managed hosting a compelling choice for in-house IT departments.

Clients are able to leverage the power of a dedicated or cloud server without the day-to-day challenges of worrying about upgrades, patches or security intrusions. The ability to access full time technical resources, remotely, offers massive potential savings in time, cost and complexity.

Virtual Internet is also moving ahead to improve productivity for small businesses and larger enterprises by offering cloud-driven online office software typified by applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint Portal and Hosted Exchange.

The rising popularity of computing services “on-demand” is reducing the expense and server sprawl found in burgeoning in-house IT departments.

The continued roll out of new fiber networks in the US and UK will continue to accelerate the adoption of managed hosting as connection speeds improve and web hosting companies pursue a 100% network up-time.

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