Virtual Internet Awarded vCloud® Powered Validation from VMware

VMware VCloud PoweredWe’re happy to announce that VMware has awarded our leading Cloud Hosting product the VMware vCloud powered status.

With VMware, customers of Virtual Internet have the ability to move workloads from their VMware vSphere-based virtualized or private cloud environment to the VMware vCloud Powered service and back again. This application portability is a key differentiator allowing customers to achieve the flexibility and security they need while enabling increased IT agility.

With VI you have the added confidence that our cloud services meet the strict quality assurance guidelines of VMware. Our cloud hosting infrastructure incorporates VMware’s comprehensive, multilevel security framework designed for compliance with your internal IT environment.

Plus, as solidified by our vCloud Powered status, we can guarantee that VI’s VMware cloud hosting will fit perfectly into your existing IT environment. Whether you want to move your workloads between public, private, or hybrid clouds, you can do so seamlessly. Watch this video to learn more.

For more information on VI’s vCloud Powered status, read the press release.

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