Digital omnivores and the devices they use

Recent Internet traffic statistics from Comscore reveal some curious trends in digital device usage when comparing the United States to the United Kingdom.

For instance, in August 2011, the U.K. edges out the U.S. in terms of mobile usage. However, the U.S. leads slightly in terms of tablet consumption when browsing the Internet. Tablets now account for 2% of all U.S. web browsing traffic, largely driven by the iconic iPad. Both the U.K. and U.S. show non-computer device usage accounting for about 7% of all web browsing traffic.

Comscore notes that mobile phones are generally used to consume news throughout the weekday. Tablet usage surges in the later evening hours.

Comscore and others have labeled users “digital omnivores” to describe this multi-device behavior.

“Brands that carry their message effectively across these media touchpoints are best positioned to create long term loyalty and high engagement with their audiences,” said Comscore.

Of course, while these numbers are interesting, they also illustrate another point: Both the U.K. and U.S. lag Asian tigers such as Singapore in terms of non-computer device consumption.

Meanwhile, recent Gallup research indicates some additional facts about digital omnivores in the United States, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Consumers aged 13 – 31 are more likely than other generational groups to have shopped online in the last three months. They average about 3.5 times more purchases than other age groups. But, they also spent less than Baby Boomers and are referred to as “fickle fashionistas” or “millienials.”

“Since childhood these millienials have sifted through online marketing since they started surfing the web,” said Gallup.

They are thus the savviest of all online surfers and a key group to watch as Smartphone and tablet consumption spirals upwards.

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