Does it really matter where your colocation service is located?

Many businesses now choose colocation hosting due to the knock-on benefits that offsite storage offers. Not only can they enjoy better speeds and uptime, but they free up internal resources thanks to a dedicated support team tied to the datacentre where they colocate. But what are some of the reasons that many opt to go for colocation in larger cities, specifically London?

Firstly, more people live in London. Simple, really. With greater access to people resources, there is more probability that your colocation datacentre will be staffed by the most professional staff in their field, offering great peace of mind knowing that your servers are being monitored by people that know what they are doing. Furthermore, with an increasing number of purpose-built datacentres emerging, you can be assured that you are reaping the benefits of the latest technologies and security measures.

Second, there are countless businesses and financial institutions based in London. Because of this, a strong network of connectivity means that colocation datacentres benefit from the power and speeds that colocation hosting of this type can offer. There are also increasing fibre optic networks in London, something that is continually driving better connection speeds and latency.

Virtual Internet delivers colocation services from its 10,000 square foot datacentre located in London and provides up to 40,000 Gb data transfer, the highest UK allocation available.

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