Global Colocation Datacentre Demand Set To Grow by 13% in 2012

A recent report released by the MarketResearch.Com suggests that Global Datacentre Colocation Services, dubbed GDCS, will grow at a rate of 13% or more between now and 2014.

IT leaders are pursuing lower capital and operational costs offered by remote datacenters, including those contained in Virtual Internet’s C7 and Level 3 facilities.

The report does temper this prediction with the warning that Corporate IT departments are increasingly concerned about data piracy and security as they offshore resources to web hosting datacentres.

The report polled industry experts and major players in the Americas, the EMEA and the APAC regions.

In a parallel, a 2011 report put forward by online publication,  Data Center Knowledge,  IT Managers stated that datacenter scalability followed by capacity planning were their two top concerns going forward.

These were followed by the challenges of keeping abreast of new datacentre designs and selecting the right technologies to run their datacentres.  Running out of power and then space, were the final two concerns.

More than 50% of those surveyed for the report said they planned to expand their datacentre requirements in 2012.

It again highlighted that remote colocation facilities offered by web hosting providers are considered key channels to gaining an Enterprise IT advantage in a competitive marketplace.

In fact, at least 63% of those polled by Data Center Knowledge plan to offshore their servers to remote datacentres that is well up from 2011 figures.

If you are still researching collocation options, consider this glide path offered by the Virtual Internet engineering team:

“Customers are required to ship the hardware to our datacentre and we will take care of the power and cabling. We then send you the IP address and connection details for the machine so that you are able to access it. We offer several services to help you manage your hardware.“

Virtual Internet supplies redundant power, air conditioning and multiple data carriers to provide round-the-clock service and security. Both single server units and a whole racks are available, designed to flexibly accommodate any type of Enterprise IT configuration.


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