SMEs seek out Tier 4 Datacentres

Increasingly small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are seeking out web hosting companies that have invested in Tier 4 datacentres, the highest level of infrastructure available for colocation, dedicated servers or private / public clouds, including Content Delivery Networks.

At this level, even financial institutions that require the highest level of security, including redundant power and cooling systems, can operate safely in the knowledge that their data is secure within infrastructure that guarantees 99.995% availability.

The severe demands placed on struggling on-premise IT departments resulting from seasonal spikes in e-commerce activity and escalating software development loads, is forcing growing businesses to consider outsourced hosting options encompassed by cloud computing, colocation or dedicated servers.

While cloud services are generally the most visible outgrowth of this outsourcing phenomenon, many SMEs are also looking at colocated servers or dedicated servers options within secure, Tier 4 datacenters.

Their requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they seek to emulate the performance, security and reliability of larger corporate competitors in the UK and US.

For this reason, Virtual Internet has for the last decade, invested heavily in dedicated network infrastructure that offers a massive 40 Gigabit bandwidth capacity that virtually eliminates and marginalizes any form of bottleneck that may arise during daily SME operations.

Further safety checks buffer SME security via 24 x 7 technical support, backups for power (UPS) and advanced fire detection and suppression.

 Specifically, security encompasses these areas:

  • Multi-layer security control procedures.
  • Biometric palm scans; electronic photo id badges and PIN access are required to gain access to the facility.
  • One-in-one-out entry policy.
  • 24 x 7 closed-circuit video (VI operate independent cameras)
  • 24 x 7 alarmed door monitoring.
  • Secure cabinet access (key and combination locks).
  • 24 x 7 monitored & manned site with security staff.


Power infrastructure includes:

  • 100% power supply availability record for the previous 5 years.
  • All power requirements of installations planned and managed by senior VI support staff.
  • VI proactively completes a monthly physical power audit to highlight potential power loading issues.

Virtual Internet has has also formed strategic partnerships with Level 3 Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and C7 datacentres (in the United States).

You can take a short tour of these datacentres to evaluate the effectiveness for your SME organization.

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