Cloud Computing Slow to Pick Up in Asia/Pacific Region

It’s been revealed by a research firm, IDC Manufacturing Insights that cloud computing is struggling to take off in the Asia Pacific region. Dr William Lee, Senior Research Manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights Asia/Pacific, has been quoted saying: “Keeping costs down continues to be the primary focus of Asia/Pacific manufacturers.”

The report, Manufacturing and Cloud Computing: A View from Asia/Pacific excluding Japan, analysed responses from 59 manufacturers across the area. Dr William Lee went on to add: “As most benefits of cloud computing do not directly translate to lower total cost of ownership when compared to traditional on-site IT deployments, take-up has been slow till date with fewer than 10 percent of manufacturing firms across APEJ (Asia/Pacific excluding Japan) currently adopting the technology.”

Unsurprisingly, security seems to be the biggest cloud hosting adoption barrier for manufacturers in the region. The concern does not just centre on data breaches of sensitive information, however, as the manufacturers are also anxious about the consequent loss of time and expenditure of resources to reproduce the data.

Dr Lee has again been commenting: “The cloud is often perceived as less secure compared to retaining data in-house. In reality, most security breaches are internal. Therefore, having data residing in the cloud does not necessarily make it more vulnerable to security risks.”

The findings made by the survey have revealed that half of the respondents are indeed hesitant about taking on cloud-based solutions due to further concerns about connection speeds. However, most of the survey respondents did acknowledge that such concerns would be short lived due to the rapid progress of developments in the telecommunications network infrastructure throughout most of Asia.

Dr Lee concluded that he believed cloud computing would have a bigger impact in the near future: “The current volatile market conditions in the manufacturing sector have ignited new interest in cloud as more companies are now looking for shorter term return on investments (ROI), which is one of the chief benefits of the cloud.”

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