Google Drive Set For Launch

It’s been a very busy year for Google with the development and launch of Google+, updates for their Gmail service and tweaks to their popular Android mobile OS. Now they’ve decided to launch the Google Drive cloud service.

This is a cloud service designed for individuals to access their computer files anywhere around the world via mobile devices. They are therefore looking to take on the likes of Dropbox as an individual cloud service rather than trying to target larger businesses and corporations.

It has been reported that Google’s new cloud service is set to launch as early as Tuesday 24th April, and often with high profile companies, new services are launched with a number of partners in order to allow for new features. Often this can then lead to information leaks about the products, which certainly seems to have happened with the Google Drive cloud service.

The service is claimed to come with 5GB of free storage and is set to rival Dropbox, which only allows 2GB of storage. So Google’s service already appears to have a strong foundation.

In addition, users will be able to purchase more storage space, much like they can already with Dropbox. It’s been announced that the Google Drive cloud service will be compatible with Windows and Mac devices in desktop folders whilst also working well on iOS and Android mobile devices.

It has also been announced that users of Google cloud service will be able to access their computer files anywhere they want due to the fact that changes made to files will be synchronised across all of the devices.

The Google Drive service, thus far, appears to be a drag and drop file system rather than an actual rival for iCloud which focuses more on backing up personal content and application information, however as we gradually approach the launch date, further details are sure to be released. What everyone will be wondering, however, is just how much else will be offered when compared to the already existing and successful Dropbox system.

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