How Long Until Cloud Hosting Rules the World?

Cloud hosting has become a much more prominent device in recent years and it should by no means be a surprise, especially when you consider the fact that the original concept for cloud computing was thought of in the 1960s when John McCarthy, the computer scientist that invented the term “Artificial Intelligence”, suggested that “computation may someday be organised as a public utility” – it appears that he was indeed correct as numerous cloud hosting facilities are now at our finger tips.

The Individual Cloud

Dropbox is perhaps the best example of an individual style cloud server. With Dropbox you can access your files anywhere in the world – all you have to do is sign in online. Gone are the days when you would email work to yourself to back it up, or even use a USB memory stick – remember them?! I, for one, haven’t used a memory stick in over two years – they’ve become somewhat defunct, and that’s the beauty with technology – it’s constantly adapting and evolving as we all try to find ways to improve our experiences.

Millions have begun using Dropbox since it was released in 2008 whilst in 2011, Apple followed up with the launch of the iCloud. This replaced what was formerly known as the MobileMe service. iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service that allows iPhone users to store data such as music and photo’s on remote computer servers that they can then view and download later on either a MAC or PC. Both systems have, by all accounts, been a big success as they’ve enabled fast and simple synchronisation of data and files.

Furthermore, earlier this week we reported that Google are preparing to launch their Google Drive cloud service, which is a big indicator that cloud hosting has certainly become more prominent and more of a necessity for internet users. With Google now jumping on the metaphorical bandwagon, this simply has to be a sure fire signal that cloud services are needed en masse and it’s only a matter of time before numerous other companies release high profile, individual based, cloud hosting services. Dropbox allows up to 2GB of free space. Google has bettered this with 5GB of free space – is storage space the only bargaining tool however? Who will be the next to raise the bar and how long will it be until cloud hosting is a necessity for everyone using the internet?

The 4G Cloud

Another thing to consider with this is that we are now moving to a point where we will always be connected to the internet, all the time. At the moment you may use cloud computing at work, at home or in a coffee shop that has Wi-Fi, but if you are out in the countryside taking a picture with your phone it isn’t going to upload to a cloud there and then.

However, with the 4G auction just around the corner, we will soon be connected to the internet wherever we are in the UK or perhaps soon, wherever we are in the world, with data continuously backing up to a cloud. Meaning that everything we do on our phones, tablets, laptops and desktops will all be recorded, all the time and we won’t be able to remember when we lived without cloud computing!

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