IBM is to take on Oracle and Cisco Systems

It has been announced that IBM is set to challenge it rivals by introducing integrated systems that it claims will reduce the time and money that is spent by its customers. This new move comes after research was carried out suggesting that companies spend around 70% or more of their IT budgets on simple operations and maintenance. This is thought to then leave little room for any investment in innovation.

IBM’s PureSystems line has been designed to tackle the problem and has come as a result of a massive $2 billion investment programme in research, development and acquisitions. IBM is to target two of its biggest rivals, Oracle and Cisco.

The company has claimed that their new systems differ to that of its rivals including Cisco’s UCS system and VBlock, a bundled set of hardware and software from VMware, Cisco and EMC. Meanwhile, IBM has claimed that PureSystems is ready for cloud hosting.

Stephen Leonard, the CEO of IMB UK and Ireland has been explaining: “We are different because we are offering integration of the server, storage and networking. If you compare us with VBlock, for example, VBlock has to be set up separately all the way from the storage to the virtualisation. With PureSystems it is all integrated and is not proprietary. It can run an Oracle system, for example.”

Furthermore, in addition to the promise of integration from IBM, they’ve also explained that another key advance was the “patterns of expertise” where users will be able to build regular operational patterns into the systems.  This will then assist in automating time-consuming tasks, such as configuring, deploying and upgrading applications. IBM have stated that users will be able to write their own patterns while also being able to select different patterns from an index of offerings from 125 independent software vendors.

PureFlex System and PureApplication System are the first two models of the new PureSystems line and both are to be released this quarter.

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