Samsung’s Cloud Platform to Launch in May

Samsung are the next in line to jump on the cloud hosting bandwagon as they are reportedly preparing to launch a new cloud storage service that they hope will compete with Apple’s successful iCloud and the Google Drive service that was launched this week.

The Google Drive has already caused a stir, with it trending on Twitter and being heavily publicised, and now Samsung can only hope that they will also be able to cause such a media frenzy.

The S-Cloud

The Samsung cloud service has, thus far, been named the S-Cloud and will reportedly be capable of offering users over 5GB of free storage space whilst also being able to function as a media streaming and download service. So, based on such figures, Samsung are aiming to go beyond the free 2GB of space offered by the highly popular Dropbox service. Perhaps Samsung will hope that users of their mobile phone devices will ditch Dropbox in favour of the Samsung S-Cloud. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the service will allow its users to store data beyond traditional media files.

The S-Cloud is reportedly set for its public release on May 3rd at an event in London.

The addition of the Samsung S-Cloud has left me wondering a number of things. Firstly, will it be accessible through the new Smart TV’s that have recently been launched? Samsung offer some of the best rated Smart TV’s on the market, so surely it only makes sense to be able to access your files via an S-Cloud portal on the new TV’s.

Brand Loyalty

Furthermore, are we now moving towards complete single-brand technology integration? What I mean by this is, are we now getting to the point where Samsung mobile phone users will buy only Samsung products in order to have complete device integration? For example, a Samsung mobile phone user uploads an image file to the S-Cloud whilst connected to the internet, they then get home and access said file via their Samsung laptop to perhaps edit it before then saving it to the S-Cloud again. Later that evening whilst watching their Samsung Smart TV they decide to upload that very same file to Facebook due to the fact that the Smart TV’s have Facebook and internet access. To me, that sounds like a sure way to quickly build brand loyalty.

This also follows on from our article last week regarding the idea that soon cloud hosting will rule the world as we will all live in a metaphorical internet cloud. Due to more and more companies launching cloud services and the addition of the 4G cloud, perhaps this really is the beginning.

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