Cloud Computing Can Create Further Competitiveness

Microsoft’s global virtualisation director, Edwin Yuen, has been explaining that the role of the IT department within an enterprise is going through a change. This is the change from being a supplier of devices to becoming a supplier of pooled computer resources as cloud computing has given IT professionals an opportunity to increase their strategic value within the business.

Meanwhile, Edwin Yuen will be attending a series of Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) events this month in South Africa. The events, taking place on the 22nd May in Durban and the 24th and 25th May in Johannesburg, are expected to draw hundreds of IT professionals from around the world and from some of South Africa’s biggest companies.

Yuen has been explaining: “Cloud computing enables you to deploy continuous services that are always on, always available, and delivered, down to a set of connected devices. South African IT professionals should be looking at ways of evolving their roles with cloud computing to help their businesses be more competitive.” Yuen firmly believes that management systems can really make a big difference for customers beginning their cloud computing journeys.

At this week’s MMS, Microsoft will be displaying their System Center 2012. This is a reorganised systems management system with separate provider and consumer management consoles. Due to the inclusion of a consumer console, company employees can now provision themselves with virtual machines. Yuen went on to add that allowing end users to self-provision is one of four distinguishing features of how private cloud computing differs to having several virtualised servers in the data centre.

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