Government Launching G-Hosting to go Alongside G-Cloud

Earlier this year the Government launched a new G-Cloud project to allow the public sector to make use of pre-approved cloud hosting providers, including Virtual Internet, and now they have decided to go one step further with the launch of G-Hosting.

The new G-Hosting initiative will allow more complex applications within the public sector to be shared using virtualised environments. This means that applications that aren’t currently supported by the G-Cloud initiative, such as highly complex legacy systems, will now be supported and can securely be shared within the public sector.

Cost of G-Hosting

Both the G-Cloud and G-Hosting will help improve the efficiency of many areas within the public sector and allow for secure sharing via a virtual cloud, however, the implementation and maintenance of both of these systems is coming at a cost.

According to recent reports, it is expected that by the year 2015 the Government will have spent a total of £250 million on the G-Cloud and by the year 2016 a further £470 million on the new G-Hosting, showing a strong commitment to the project.

G-Cloud Security

All of the companies involved with the G-Cloud and G-Hosting project have had to go through rigorous security checks as the biggest issue with sharing in the Public Sector is security. However, with the G-Hosting network highly sensitive information will be securely hosted, meaning it can be shared within a virtual environment.

This shows that even the Government and Public Sector have caught the cloud bug and it looks like it won’t be long before it is the norm in all businesses in the UK.

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