When do Businesses Require Cloud Servers?

More and more SME’s in recent times have decided that cloud hosting is for them, but why? The beauty of the cloud is that anyone can access data and files from anywhere on the planet, as long as they have the correct cloud access of course. Cloud computing can also be extremely cost effective, scalable and improve operational efficiencies too for any business. However, many companies, when questioned, still have security concerns regarding joining the cloud whilst reliability and cost concerns were also causing corporations to be hesitant.

Immediate Concerns

Despite the fact that the numbers of businesses and, in particular, SME’s using cloud servers, it would seem that there is still a large portion of SME’s that are struggling to believe in the cloud at the moment as around 74% of them are reported to currently not use cloud computing. If they were to realise just how much dedicated servers could help their operations, then this figure would swiftly decline.

Many SME’s could thus be missing the point by concentrating too heavily on their immediate costs rather than the potential for long term savings and even increased revenue thanks to the possibilities and advantages of cloud computing.


Some of the advantages of cloud computing can include the fact that, when on the cloud, you can effectively pay on demand. Simply, you pay for what you use. Furthermore, you can measure your businesses storage needs efficiently instead of needing to purchase expensive hardware on a regular basis. Also, your hosting provider will be the one taking care of future software and hardware updates, so you would not have to worry about such a thing!

Further advantages of joining the cloud would be the environmental impact. Cloud computing is proven to use less energy than more traditional data centres. In today’s climate this is a very important factor! Cloud computing is also instantaneous as it has a better response time to standard server hardware. Again this is of great importance to many different types of business. Speaking of improving efficiencies and speed, using a cloud server will also allow any potential websites you may have to function at a faster rate due to the benefits of using a more durable service.

These are just some of the advantages, however there are a vast amount of others included and to answer the question posed in the title, cloud servers should be required by all ranges of businesses from SME’s upwards.

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