Cisco Reveals Cloud Ready Networking App

Networking firm, Cisco, has introduced its Cloud Connected Solution, a new application that has been designed in order to allow users to connect securely to cloud services. It will deliver cloud-enabling routing and wide area network (WAN) optimisation platforms as well as Cloud Connector software and services.

The application is also designed to enable organisations to implement cloud computing and accelerate the deployment of cloud services whilst delivering an optimal user experience.

New software has also been launched with the product application called Cloud Connectors. This is embedded in the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) G2 platform along with services that are hoped will improve performance, security and availability of cloud applications.

Cloud Connectors has an open architecture which will help service providers develop third-party Cloud Connectors to deliver differentiated services to their customers.

Furthermore, the new app will feature Cisco WAAS 5.0 with AppNav which virtualises WAN optimisation resources by combining them together as an on-demand resource that includes the best latency performance. The AppNav will provide an elastic “scale-as-you-grow” application deployment model that will enable enterprise-wide application acceleration and performance visibility.

It has also been reported that the Cloud Connection Solution will include a Cloud Services Router (CSR) in order to allow businesses to extend and control different features of their enterprise network to clouds while affording cloud service providers with increased revenue opportunities thanks to a “network-as-a-service” model.

Cisco has also explained that they are implemented a raft of other improvements, including the expansion of the Aggregation Services Router platform in order to enable organisations to increase their WAN performance by up to seven times. The Cisco UCS E-Series Server Modules are also set to be introduced on the ISR G2. This will deliver lean branch applications by hosting multiple third party services on a single branch platform.

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