CliQr Launch Cloud Management Service

CliQr Technologies, a Google-backed start-up, has revealed that they are to launch a cloud management service called CloudCenter. This is designed to effortlessly allow organisations to move their applications across different cloud providers.

Gaurav Manglik, co-founder and CEO of CliQr Technologies, has been explaining: “What we see is IT departments having to do massive, complex integrations to a single cloud architecture. Applications should be completely unhooked from infrastructure, so they interoperate with any cloud, and be able to move between clouds.”

The idea behind CloudCenter is that a company will be able to package all its application into a CliQr container that can then be uploaded to a CliQr repository. From then on, the CliQr container can be deployed on a variety of cloud services, such as VMware, for example.

Manglik has further stated that through running applications on CliQr, businesses will be able to move their data around easily, avoiding “lock-in and price gouging”. It is also expected that performance improvements will be seen due to the way in which the CliQr platform has been efficiently engineered to work with each cloud provider.

CloudCenter should provide cloud users with a device to switch easily from one cloud provider to another to save costs and maintain high availability.

CloudCenter is a platform-as-a-service that can work with either Windows or Linux applications and all required related files, such as Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) or other libraries, are packaged so they can run on a platform developed by CliQr called the CloudCenter Orchestrator. This will enable software to run across a variety of cloud providers without needing to be edited.

Users will be able to manage their cloud applications through the CloudCenter Manager, which is available as a service from CliQr. The CloudCenter Manager controls the application’s deployment, provisioning, storage management, performance metrics, license management and security reports.

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