Cloud Computing Finding its Way In

A survey of 785 companies has found that only 3% feel that cloud computing is still a bit “too risky”. This figure has been slashed from 11% one year ago. This is positive, encouraging news as it now looks like more and more corporations believe that cloud computing is the way forward.

Growing Confidence

The survey also found that only 12% of respondents thought the cloud platform was too “immature”. Again this figure is significantly lower than last year when 26% believed the cloud was too “immature”. In addition, a fantastic 50% of respondents now have “complete confidence” in cloud services. This is up from a lowly 13% one year ago. That is therefore a significant year on year increase and suggests that many more people and businesses are looking to implement cloud computing.

In addition, 57% of companies identified that their main reason for adopting the cloud was due to scalability whilst business agility was seemingly the second most important factor with 54% stating so.

The survey was carried out by North Bridge Venture Partners and contained a wealthy of industry support as it was sponsored by some 39 companies, including Amazon Web Services.

Ongoing Concerns

However, the results from the survey didn’t reveal entirely good news as concerns were still flagged. Unsurprisingly, security remains the primary concern regarding cloud computing as 55% of the survey respondents pointed out. Understandably corporations will feel that they have to know their data is 100% secure. Confidential information is a sensitive thing and any leakage can potentially cost businesses thousands if not millions of pounds.

Furthermore, it has been reported that 84% of all new net software will be Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based. Many companies have increased their spending by around six times on SaaS delivered applications when compared to the amount they’re spending on software overall. The survey also revealed that a vast majority of the respondents believed that mission-critical software categories are being, or will soon be, disrupted. Systems such as CRM and ERP are thus bound for online delivery.

Cloud computing is clearly having a bigger impact than ever before and it seems that it is only a matter of time before nearly all corporate data is stored on the cloud. Have you adopted the cloud yet?

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