New cloud services helps make Google Drive PCI compliant

Securing data is becoming a full time affair; even if you use Google’s hosted storage service called Google Drive.

In addition, the type of information inserted into remote cloud systems is becoming a cause of concern for IT professionals, which includes credit card numbers.

This means that PCI compliance has to be one of the key considerations governing the security of data that reside in offshore IT systems including Google Drive, Dropbox and remotely managed databases such as SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

In response, a company called CloudLock has announced the availability of a cloud service that scans data as it flows into and out of the Google Drive repository helping companies remain PCI compliant.

“We address the customer access piece of the puzzle. What is being shared, how it’s being shared both outbound and inbound. And we provide a single-pane view of all the organizational data that lets administrators set policies,” said Gigaom blog.

Google Drive is a file synchronization service, allowing users to sync documents between computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

It offers each user up to 5 gigabytes of storage. This includes an option to purchase additional storage space. Making a change to a file in one location automatically makes the change everywhere.

With CloudLock, companies using Google Docs are able to secure data uploaded via Google Drive as well as files created from within Google Apps.

“Consumer-grade personal file synchronization services are creating huge potential for data leakage, version conflicts and compliance gaps. End-user demand to support home PCs and personal tablets is forcing CIOs into one of three decisions: allow users to do whatever they want, provide an approved and controlled service, or totally forbid the use of such services,” said CloudLock.

Demand for cloud based services, including private, public and hybrid clouds, continue to grow in the United States and United Kingdom. Web hosting providers such as Virtual Internet offer IaaS-based cloud services to streamline IT and help companies focus on revenue generating activities rather than deal with legacy software and hardware issues which consume time and money.

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