SQL injection hackers caught in FBI credit card “Sting” operation

The good guys won a major battle against cyber criminals involved in various online credit card frauds, including related Database SQL injection attacks, when they arrested two men in an FBI sting.

“The undercover operation prevented potential losses of more than $205 million. The FBI notified credit card companies of more than 411,000 compromised credit and debit cards. The agency informed 47 businesses, government entities and schools that their computer networks had been breached, according to the statement,” said the San Francisco Chronicle.

By the time the sting was over nearly 25 people had been arrested in 13 countries including the United States, Bosnia and Japan.

According to various reports, the operation may have prevented potential losses of more than $200 million.  At least 411,000 credit cards and debit cards were compromised and nearly 47 businesses, government agencies and schools were affected via their computer networks.

Protecting credit cards in the cloud is big concern for a number of businesses wishing to extend their e-commerce capability or move their on-premise operations inside a cloud-based datacentre.  This brings into focus requirements around PCI DSS regulations, which are becoming mandatory.

Virtual Internet delivers services to help customers achieve PCI compliance, including a dedicated account manager who has experience helping and advising customers with achieving PCI compliance.  This may include advice on how to:

  • Streamline IT through security audits and best-practice advice from engineering teams fluent in cloud computing models
  • Undertake a proactive role in understanding the requirements encompassed by new PCI DSS standards in the cloud
  • Use incoming standards to elevate security, IT agility and market flexibility on remotely hosted cloud infrastructure

Recently U.S. banks received warnings from Visa and MasterCardthat a credit card processor was breached which may have compromised more than 10 million credit cards.  However, many analysts point out that simply adhering to PCI DSS standards may not have prevented the breach.

“Employing the right technology, including that which can monitoring and report on end user access and entitlements, deploying and maintaining it properly, and applying security best practices to yield compliance is the most appropriate course of action to protect against these kinds of incidents,” said ZDNet.

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