The Rise of Cloud Hosting!

Over the last few years we have seen the use of Cloud Hosting and Cloud Services rise dramatically, both in terms business and personal use. The cloud has made its way into thousands of businesses, onto mobile phones with applications such as iCloud and even into government with the new G-Cloud and G-Hosting.

So here at VI we thought it would be interesting to map out the Rise of Cloud Hosting, from the first idea dreamt up by John McCarthy in the 60’s up to the estimated $150billion dollar worth in the year 2020.

The infographic below shows a timeline of companies coming into the cloud market, with a big boom of businesses in the 2000’s and an even bigger increase in personal use and mobile clouds already in the first 2 years of the 2010’s.

Check out the full infographic below:

With 14million developers in Oracle online communities, 125million Apple iCloud users and a $150billion worth, it looks as though the Cloud Hosting market will continue to rise in the coming years!

Are you already using Cloud Hosting? Do you use it at work? Or maybe one of the personal clouds like Dropbox or Google Drive?

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