Virtualization and datacentre consolidation drive IT requirements in 2012

According to a recent survey on the state of datacentres by Information Week, IT leaders are grappling with three key issues related to infrastructure: Networks, servers and storage.

“Migrating to 10 Gbps (or greater) Ethernet, virtualizing servers and managing storage growth are significantly influencing operations,” said Information Week.

The trends above are followed by datacenter consolidation and building out private clouds, which obviously reflects the growing demand for virtualization technologies encompassed by cloud computing.

Specifically, at least 24% of the respondents claim that datacenter consolidation are the key goals of their IT strategy, while only 7% make a case for colocation facilities. One point that also came up in the survey is the desire to pursue IT agility which may in the end push more IT managers to consider private, public or hybrid cloud options.

These requirements are forcing IT managers to make compromises between standardization technologies and further custom requirements under restrictive budgets.

Some of the challenges include:

  • How far to take virtualization.   50% of all applications or more?
  • What and where can we outsource. Should we deploy apps using SaaS or consider a fully-fledged IaaS offering?
  • How far to take infrastructure standardization?
  • Are purpose-built appliances a way to get more bang for our bucks, particularly for high value, frequently used applications like data warehouses and business analytics?

One interesting point to emerge from the survey was confirmation that 23% of organizations are standardized on one or two vendors for new business apps with few exceptions.

“These include Windows Server and a core set of Microsoft Enterprise software like Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server,” said Information Week.

At least 33% of respondents say they seek to virtualize most applications and that at least 50% or more of their production servers will be virtualized by the end of the year.  Some organizations now have 70% of their IT requirements virtualized in the cloud!

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