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Cloud Computing To Reduce Carbon Footprint


A new cloud based tool is to be implemented in order to help councils and energy companies reduce their carbon emissions. Cloud service provider, Assimil8, has partnered up with Energy Saving Trust (EST) with a view to providing support for its Home Analytics service. EST has seemingly seen a number of advantages that cloud hosting…

Global e-commerce sales a wake up call to traditional ISVs


China’s e-commerce sales grew more than 130% in 2011 alone, confirming a broad worldwide growth in business-to-consumer e-commerce sales that will pass the 1 trillion euro ($1.25 trillion) mark by 2013 according to new industry reports. This has profound implications for international ISVs who have not yet deployed a SaaS version of their on-premise software….

One example of a how a SaaS product shook the foundations of its on-premise rival


What’s an example of on-premise software being threatened by the emergence of a SaaS upstart operating in the cloud?  Answer: Mint Vs. Quicken Quicken, for years, had cultivated a devoted base of users who waited for each new version of the software to appear from Intuit.   This nifty little personal finance tool is easier to…

Windows Azure Experiences Outage


Yesterday the Windows Azure cloud computing service was unavailable to users throughout Europe for two and a half hours. The outage left many bewildered and frustrated. The service in the Western Europe region is provided by servers in Microsoft’s Ireland data centre in Dublin and in a Dutch facility in Amsterdam. Reluctant to Comment Spokesmen…

Google Compute and Virtual Datacentre shake up IaaS world for ISVs

by Aaron Summers

In the last two months, two big announcements have rippled through the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) sector on both sides of the Atlantic, signalling a shifting new IaaS topology that threatens Amazon’s reputation as the leader of the pack. What are they? The launch of Google Compute IaaS and Virtual Internet’s new Virtual Datacentre for web professionals….

Cloud Computing Essential to SMBs


It has been reported this week that 65% of US small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) say that cloud computing is absolutely essential to their organisation and future growth plans. Meanwhile 59% have stated that their selection of cloud service providers is largely impacted by their privacy policies. This was revealed via research that was…

Cloud Growth


It has been reported this week that spending on cloud computing is growing at a faster rate than overall IT spending and will therefore pose a challenge to legacy hardware and software vendors. Cloud computing is expected to experience rapid growth moving forward, starting in 2012 by growing a further 19%. This will make it…

Office 365 clouds proving popular for SMEs


Microsoft has received some criticism regarding adoption rates of Office 365 in the international marketplace. However, in the arena of small businesses and SMEs it may well have found its groove. For years Google Apps has been attracting SMEs to its suite of online offerings including Docs, Spreadsheets and Drive, which may now number at…

Sony acquires Gaikai in bid to dominate gaming world through cloud computing


The clouds opened up recently with news that Sony had acquired Gaikai, a provider of cloud-based gaming for over $380 million, illustrating perhaps the historical value of beating a potential threat by buying that threat (See Forbes article). “Through the acquisition, SCE will establish a new cloud service, ensuring that it continues to provide users…

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