Cloud Computing Makes it to the Pentagon

As cloud computing has continued to grow over the last year we have seen it come into place in a plethora of new business sectors and even into the NHS and UK Government, but now it has gone one step further making its way into the US Pentagon.

The US Department of Defence has introduced a new cloud computing strategy for the Pentagon that will replace the old application silos with a more streamlined cloud based solution, which will hopefully help cut costs and make the system more agile.

When asked about the more to a cloud based system, defense department chief information officer, Teri Takai, was quoted saying “We are moving to an enterprise cloud environment that provides tangible benefits across the department by supporting the delivery of the joint information environment”.

The new cloud system will help improve mission effectiveness, increase IT efficiencies, and enhance online security for the Pentagon, which according to Teri Takai, will “align with all department-wide information technology efficiency initiatives” going forward.

It seems that the growth and reach of cloud hosting knows no ends as it is now in place in not only multinational corporations and the world healthcare service but also in both the UK and US governments.

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