Cloud Computing To Reduce Carbon Footprint

A new cloud based tool is to be implemented in order to help councils and energy companies reduce their carbon emissions. Cloud service provider, Assimil8, has partnered up with Energy Saving Trust (EST) with a view to providing support for its Home Analytics service. EST has seemingly seen a number of advantages that cloud hosting can bring.

EST has provided impartial advice to people, businesses and communities on how to save energy and over a period of 20 years it has collated more than 250 million data points that relate to 25 million domestic properties. For example, this includes information regarding wall, insulation and boiler types.

By making use of IBM Business Analytics software, EST will be able to make this data available to energy suppliers, green deal providers and local government via Home Analytics. It has been reported that one local council is already using Home Analytics in order to understand more about its housing stock. The use of Home Analytics also enables them to work out exactly what needs to be done in order to reduce its carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the service has been deployed on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. EST claims this service will dramatically reduce IT management costs while also satisfying its own criteria for energy efficient solutions.

The housing data manager at EST, Will Rivers, has been quoted saying: “We are now able to put accurate data at the heart of the planning of delivery, drive immediate and repeatable results with fewer resources…What used to take several days now only takes a few minutes.”

Meanwhile, Karl Mullins, a principal consultant at Assimil8, has further added the following: “With the increased scrutiny on government and private sector costs, having an analytics solution which can mitigate risks associated with identifying and planning energy efficiency initiatives in the optimum catchment areas, is incredibly powerful and critical to ensure cost effective operations.”

Cloud solutions are therefore being adopted in a variety of industries and it is interesting to see another way in which cloud computing can assist, not only companies, but the environment too.

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