Cloud Confusion

With increasing numbers of individuals and organisations adopting cloud hosting solutions each and every day, is it really a concern that a vast number of people are still unsure as to what the term “cloud computing” actually means?

Research Findings

Citrix has carried out research this week that has caused a bit of a stir. It turns out that a large number of American cloud users do not know what it actually is and when asked, 29% responded that the “cloud” is merely something to do with the weather or actual clouds in the sky.

It has been revealed that only 16% actually knew what the cloud was. Is this really something for us to be concerned about though? The survey has revealed that 54% of respondents have never used the cloud, however, it may well be that they are unsure as to how they are in fact using it due to the fact that the vast majority of us are using the cloud in our everyday lives.

In addition, when it comes to deciding on whether to adopt managed hosting solutions, corporations will investigate their options carefully in order to learn as much as they can about cloud offerings – therefore, even if a large percentage of people are unsure about what the cloud is, the decision makers, when it comes to cloud adoption, will be aware of cloud computing and will therefore understand the options available to them.

Everyday Use

Additionally, based on Citrix’s survey, 95% of respondents have actually used the cloud in one way or another with 65% using online banking, 63% shopping online, 58% using social networks, 45% playing games online, 29% using it to store photos, 22% storing music and other files and 19% using file-sharing services.

The vice president of corporate marketing at Citrix, Kim DeCarlis, has said that the survey results show that cloud computing has become integrated into everyday life yet “there is still a wide gap between the perceptions and realities of cloud computing.”

She went on to add the following: “While significant market changes like this take time, the transition from the PC era to the cloud era is happening at a remarkable pace. The most important takeaway from this survey is that the cloud is viewed favourably by the majority of Americans, and when people learn more about the cloud they understand it can vastly improve the balance between their work and personal lives.”

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