Dell to Release New Services

Dell has launched its new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private cloud platform in order to build upon its very successful public and hybrid cloud hosting offerings. The new Dell Cloud Dedicated service has been designed specifically to meet regulatory requirements of hosting highly sensitive data in the cloud. This is done by assigning individual servers to each customer. Furthermore, Dell claims that the normal benefits associated with cloud computing, such as rapid deployment, self-service access and scalability will remain unaffected.

The company has released a statement in regard to its new cloud offering: “Dell Cloud Dedicated makes it simple for users to operate production workloads that would be limited to custom, on-premise deployment.”

The statement went on to add: “Because there is no capital outlay required and the infrastructure is managed by Dell, organisations can quickly take advantage of private cloud computing as an extension of their data centre.”

This service is initially only available to customer in the United States, however, depending on its popularity, it may or may not be extended to UK and European markets. What is certainly being extended to the UK, France, Ireland and Mexico is the public and hybrid cloud platforms. This has come as a result of resounding success in the North American market.

The new cloud offering will be available from September onwards and the vice president for Infrastructure Cloud Services at Dell, Nnamdi Orakwue, has been quoted saying: “We continue to expand our cloud offerings and availability to help make sure that regardless of a customer’s requirements, Dell’s cloud services can meet their needs today and help them plan for the future.”

Mr Orakwue went on to add the following: “As part of Dell’s continuing efforts to build, operate, connect, deliver and simplify cloud solutions for customers we are making it easy for customers to access and adopt cloud solutions, and taking a big step into the private cloud space with Dell Cloud Dedicated.”

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